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roll-in: collecting made easy!

The universal fruit collector

roll-in is the ideal tool for picking up hazelnuts, walnuts and apples.

roll-in is an innovative product, used in agriculture, horticulture and sport, and created to facilitate the manual collection of round objects from the ground. There are 6 exclusive patents in a single product and over 50,000 satisfied customers on 5 different continents.


Save your back

Your back is important: you won’t have to lean forward for collecting fruits anymore.



Tested on the ground, where it exceeded more than 2600 hrs of continuous working.



6 patents in one product: the best fruit collector for your job.


Service kit

The only collector in the market with replaceable wires: repair is better than buying.


Easy emptying

You can place the dumper tool on every bucket or container.


Integated side openers

Empty the roll-in in seconds thanks to the side openers: more speed and confort.

roll-in models


roll-in small

Collects hazelnuts, acorns and olives


roll-in medium

Collects walnuts, chestnuts, plums


roll-in xlarge

Collects apples, oranges, lemons

roll-in accessories


roll-in grip

The perfect match for your roll-in

Roll-in has been mentioned at  the EIMA Technical innovations contest in 2014

EIMA is the famous International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition held in Italy.

EIMa highlighted  that “The peculiarity of its design lies in the materials of the wires that make up the basket, in fatigue tests, and in the design of each wire’s coupling to the plastic constraints that allows removing each one individually, besides avoiding stress concentration.”

Roll-in keeps in developing, we have now 6 patents covering our technologies.